2008 Victorian Poker Championships Day 7 - 35 Survive Repechage

Posted at 12:57 2008-08-10

Day 7 of the 2008 Victorian Poker Championships would be relatively quiet in comparison to the previous week but would be just as important. Today would be Day 1, Flight 3 of Event#5 which was the repechage day for those players who had busted out of one of the two previous flights.

We would see 162 players re-enter this event after in an effort to make it through to Day 2. However we would only see 35 players make it through to join the 41 from flight 1 and the 39 from flight 2 to make a combined field of 115 from a total of 610 entrants.

The seating allocations for Day 2 have already realised some interesting tables with the likes of Paul Gianfriddo, Antonio Casale and Max Vennhuyzen seated together as well as chip leader Brendan Edmonds with Crown regulars Marwan Nassif and Graeme ‘Kiwi G’ Putt.  The boisterous Bruno Portaro will be busy early as he battles with Viki Rochford, Luke McLean, Marlon Goonawardana and Anthony Donjerkovic.

As the money bubble approaches as the field nears the 50-player mark, chip leaders in Brendan Edmonds, Bao Hoang, David Lovell and Alecks Lackovic will be applying a lot of pressure to their table as they continue to build upon their already healthy stacks.

Chip leaders heading into Day 2:

Brendan Edmonds - 119,350
Bao Hoang - 102,625
David Lovell - 68,575
Alex Lackovic - 66,575
Colin Peckover - 65,900
Chris Hardy - 61,275
Tuan Hoang - 54,650
Helen Davis - 48,425
Jim Ghobrial - 48,150
Scott Stagg - 47,675

Join us from 12:30pm tomorrow for live coverage at www.pokernetwork.com/reporting the remaining players battle it out to see who will take home the trophy and first place prize of over $65,000.

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2008 Victorian Poker Championships - Repechage Day 2008 Victorian Poker Championships - Repechage Day

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