Asian Poker Tour Korea Results Round Up: Lifeng Shen Wins the Main Event

Posted at 10:25 2013-08-28 by Matthew Pitt

A few days ago, PokerNetwork brought to you the latest results from the 2013 Asian Poker Tour Korea festival. If your poker-loving minds need a refresh, head over to that particular article right now, otherwise keep reading to discover which players won big and how!

Event #8: USD$450 We Love Sport Head Hunter

32 entries

RankPlayerPrize (USD)
1stXu Yiguang$3,110.00
2ndAlexandre Chieng$2,100.00
3rdTetsuya Tsuchikawa$1,660.00
4thYoichi Uesugi$1,390.00
5thKosei Ichonose$1,270.00

Event #9: $180 Deep Stack Turbo

27 entries

RankPlayerPrize (USD)
1stJimmy Hyung Jun Chun$1,690.00
2ndKristian Faering$1,060.00
3rdYuri Ishida$670.00
4thYasuyuki Tsuji$510.00

Event #10: $270 Six-Handed

27 entries

RankPlayerPrize (USD)
1stKinichi Nakata$2,820.00
2ndJunichi Nakagiri$1,770.00
3rdTatsuya Ikeda$1,110.00
4thMaria Carmen Esdaile$850.00

APT Korea Main Event: $2,700 No Limit Hold’em

45 entries

RankPlayerPrize (USD)
1stLifeng Shen$35,300.00
2ndJonny Chan$23,800.00
3rdLulu Xi Yang$18,900.00
4thJae Kyung Sim$15,900.00
5thShaohuan Song$14,300.00
6thDaniel Lee$5,770.00

*a special insurance deal was struck for the sixth place finisher

The eagle-eyed among you will no doubt have noticed that the runner-up in the APT Korea Main Event was none other than the legendary Johnny Chan, something that delighted the eventual champion Lifeng Shen who described Chan as an idol of his.

Although the attendance in the APT Korea Main Event stood at only 45 entrants, down from the 166 earlier in the year, one has to remember that this event’s buy-in had more than doubled from $1,000 to $2,700. It will be interesting to see if the organisers lower the buy-in again when the APT next visits Korea.

Next up for the APT is APT Asian Series Manila in October 9-16. Once again, the Resorts World Manila, Passay in the picturesque Philippines is the venue with the highlights of the festival being the PhP108,000 (approx. A$2,700) High Rollers event and the PhP50,000 (approx. A$1,250) APT Asian Series Manila Main Event.

When the APT was last in the Philippines, 205 players turned out for the US$2,700 Main Event, which Australia’s Khac Trung Tran won for a cool US$124,000. Will as many players turn out for this latest event? We do not have long to wait to find out.

Lead image courtesy of the Asian Poker Tour.

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