Ivey Answers Dwan's Heads Up Challenge

Posted at 14:28 2009-01-10
Online phenom Tom “durrrr” Dwan is known for his cocky style, and fearless attitude when it comes to playing online cash games at the highest stakes. Not more then three months ago Dwan was involved in setting and re-setting the high stakes poker single pot record during some crazy sessions on the "RailHeaven" and "GusHeaven" tables at Full Tilt Poker.
Possibly bored with shipping US$500,000 pots back and forth, Dwan issued an open challenge in Bluff Magazine to any player willing to put up US$500,000 in a prop bet.
Dwan's open challenge included a minimum of 50,000 hands to be played simultaneously at four or more tables of no-limit texas hold'em or pot-limit omaha. At the conclusion of the agreed number of hands if either player is $1 ahead of what they started with, they will win the prop bet. Dwan is so confident he has an edge in the challenge that he is offering anyone odds on the prop bet. That is if Dwan wins the challenge he will also win $500,000 off his opponent for winning the side bet, however if his opponent wins, they will win $1.5 million dollars off Dwan! No one could ever accuse him of lacking confidence.
Leading cash game professional Phil Ivey was quick to take up the challenge last week, announcing that he and Dwan would be negotiating the finer details to make the prop bet happen. Poker fans everywhere are expecting to see Dwan and Ivey fighting it out head to head at a mix of Omaha and Hold’em very soon on Full Tilt Poker.
Australian poker fans won’t have to wait to see Ivey and Dwan battling on the felt from each other. Both are confirmed starters for the 2009 Aussie Millions Poker Championships at Crown Casino in Melbourne throughout January. During the Aussie Millions both players will sit down with a minimum $1 million dollars for a cash game involving many of the biggest names in the poker world.
According to Dwan the motivation behind the prop bet challenge was simple. "The two most interesting, commonly played poker games are heads-up no-limit holdem, and heads-up pot-limit Omaha. I've played a lot of people in them; however, it's very rare that someone will play me at more than two tables. In my again-biased opinion, it's also more interesting to play at least four tables at once. I say this because while playing four tables, there is less likelihood that a winner or loser will be based on one or two pots, and the better player will make roughly twice as much money per hour compared to two tables. Additionally, when your opponents are doing something wrong for 90 minutes straight, you can notice it earlier, and take more advantage of it on four tables, netting at least four times the profit -- although one would assume most opponents would also adjust in less time on four tables” stated Dwan when interviewed in regards to the challenge.
Rumour has it that fellow ultra-high stakes players David Benyamine and Patrik Antonius are also lining up to accept the challenge from Dwan. Dwan is on record as saying he expects he’ll be able to play and prop bet as many people that wish to accept his challenge.
Stay locked to PokerNetwork for more news of other big name players accepting Dwan’s prop bet, and also download Full Tilt Poker so you don’t miss a minute of the action from the rail.

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Ivey Accepts Dwan's Heads Up Challenge! Ivey Accepts Dwan's Heads Up Challenge!

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