Martin Drewe - A Quiet Guy Making Big Noise

Posted at 16:39 2011-01-18

When PokerNetwork’s Paul Birman approached Martin Drewe for an interview at the beginning of Day 2 of the Aussie Millions $1,100 Opening Event, he shook his head sheepishly. He was chip leader but didn’t want the attention. Two days later, he had won the event, collected $200,020 and the coveted championship ring, and he was resigned to sitting down for a chat.

The 19-year old from Newcastle first hit the spotlight in the 2010 ANZPT Melbourne series at Crown. He won the $500 Heads Up Event, final tabled the $1,000 6-Handed Event for $10,000 and cashed in the $300 No Limit Holdem Event (just ahead of your humble writer). That was the first major event he attended. On his return to Crown, he picks up the Opening Event at the Aussie Millions. He doesn’t hate the room!

Drewe has been playing for a year and a half and was introduced to the game through “pub poker” in Newcastle. He regularly gets together with friends he met through pub poker in a home game he refers to as “Rybe’s Room”. Should players fear other attendees from his regular game? “Nah – they’re all donks!” laughs Drewe.

Although the self-effacing vegetarian calls himself “lazy” and claims “I don’t do anything else, but I hardly play enough to call it full time”, he is planning on playing the Australian poker circuit in 2011. He has also just started grinding multi-table tournaments online. He recently cashed for around $9,000 in a Full Tilt tournament.

Currently he is directing all his attention to No Limit Holdem tournaments and cash games. “I’ve been meaning to learn how to play PLO for a while but I just play No Limit because I know how,” said Drewe.

He’s friendly at the table and happy to have a chat. He’s in Melbourne for the rest of the Aussie Millions championships and will then meet up with some of his “Rybe’s Room” cohorts at the ANZPT Adelaide. But the affable Drewe shouldn’t lack companionship – to his amusement he received several facebook friend requests between the start of the final table and his win!

We look forward to see more of Martin Drewe during the rest of the Aussie Millions and on the Australian circuit!

By: Paul Birman

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Martin Drewe celebrating his huge win in the Aussie Millions Opening Event Martin Drewe celebrating his huge win in the Aussie Millions Opening Event

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