Matthew Wakeman Climbs to Seventh in the World Rankings!

Posted at 15:45 2013-07-01 by Matthew Pitt

When we reported on Matthew Wakeman opening a substantial lead in the Australian online poker rankings last week, we mentioned that it would not be long before the man known as “mjw006” would be ranked in the Top 10 in the entire world. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Wakeman has burst into the worldwide Top 10 where he occupies the 7th place berth.

Wakeman is in scintillating form that shows no signs of slowing down. Last Sunday, Wakeman finished fourth in the PokerStars $162 Sunday 6-Max for $8,547 then fifth in the $50,000 Turbo Mega Deep at 888 Poker for $2,750 more. But wait! There’s more! In the past week, Wakeman has finished second in the PartyPoker $60,000 Guaranteed (1R1A), won the PokerStars $109 NL Hold’em Turbo, come third in the $320 NL Hold’em Six max and won the $109 NL Hold’em 1R1A!

We’re sure you will all agree that Wakeman is a complete sicko! In this for, Wakeman is surely going to be in the top five in the world, which would be an amazing achievement.

Rank Name Points
1st Matthew “mjw006” Wakeman 7101.68
2nd Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis 6075.59
3rd Michael “WaGe N WaRz” Federsen 5170.13
4th Dean “Deanuzz” Schneider 4850.64
5th Nurlan “Nur1ck” Boobekov 5191.08
6th Martin “Tiny_molester” Kozlov 4558.16
7th Michael “m_hawk_1” Hawkins 4330.65
8th Andrew “FUZZBUNGLE” Hinrichsen 4314.76
9th Tom “tollgate” Grigg 4212.71
10th Stevan “random.chu” Chew 4090.75

The rest of the Australian Top 10 remains the same people, but in a slightly different order. Michael “WaGe N WaRz” Federsen has climbed from fourth to third place, while Dean “Deanuzz” Schneider has jumped from fifth to fourth. Federsen and Schneider’s climb up the rankings is at the expense of Nurlan “Nur1ck” Boobekov who drops to fifth overall.

Congratulations to Wakeman on his new career high points and we have our fingers crossed for a top 5 ranking by the time we pen our next ranking-related article.

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