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Western Poker Classic - accom deals? 2011 09 04
05:36 pm
Just wondering if any Burswood reps lurking here know whether there will be any discount accom at Burswood Casino during this event next month. It's on at the same time as ANZPT Darwin but thinking about going to WA instead.
WCOOP prop bets - getting the ball rolling 2011 08 15
03:21 am
WCOOP starts in three weeks so it's time to fire this up and canvas some ideas on prop bets for the series.

Based on how we did SCOOP it'd look something like:
- $150 buyin
- best three individual scores (could also do teams this time?)
- scores calculated using PLBs
- since there are no L/M/H events, all NL events up to and including 1k/200r/200c

Post expressions of interest, proposed changes to bet etc below.
Skype crash? 2011 05 27
04:45 am
Did anyone else suffer from this today? Skype crashed today? Here’s a fix

idk what happened but last night Skype crashed on me so I just turned the computer off when I went to bed. When I tried to boot up this morning I think it corrupted my harddrive in some fashion because CHKDSK ran at startup and started deleting random files, then HEM wouldn't start so I uninstalled/reinstalled that and have possibly lost all my hands or need to find out how to link them up again.

Anyone else know more? I have too many tables going atm to fix up HEM but wouldn't mind hearing if others had the same probs today.

edit: this (http://www.networkworld.com/news/201...h.html?hpg1=bn) worked for me
Guards forced prisoners to grind WoW for dollars 2011 05 26
08:42 pm
Guards 'forced prisoners to play video games'

Chinese prisoners were forced to play computer games at night to earn credits which the guards would sell in a lucrative scam, according to a report.
Former prisoner Liu Dali* told British newspaper The Guardian he was made to break rocks and dig trenches during the day and play online games at night.
Mr Liu said about 300 prisoners at the Jixi labour camp in north-east China were forced into the moneymaking scheme.
Advertisement: Story continues below
He said ‘‘prison bosses’’ made more money from enforced gaming than manual labour.
‘‘We worked 12-hour shifts in the camp. I heard them say they could earn 5000 to 6000 yuan ($728-$873) a day. We didn’t see any of the money. The computers were never turned off,’’ he was quoted as saying.
Mr Liu said prison guards would beat inmates who failed to meet their ‘‘quota’’ of credits and forced prisoners to play beyond exhaustion.
‘‘We kept playing until we could barely see things’’.
Millions of gamers around the world buy credits generated in games such as World of Warcraft, according to the newspaper.

Gamers earn credits by completing repetitive tasks in a practice known as ‘‘gold farming’’.
According to the report there are 100,000 full-time gold farmers in China.
Mr Liu, who was jailed for three years in 2004, believes forced gaming remains rampant in China.
‘‘Many prisons across the north-east of China also forced inmates to play games. It must still be happening’’ he said.

Read more: Guards 'forced prisoners to play video games'
Monday spendlotsofmoneyandGOGOGO thread 2011 05 22
11:03 pm
Lots of good stuff on today (miniFTOPS/SCOOP sixmax and main events, usual Monday stuff), gl everyone!

Also if you're in the SCOOP prop bet this is your last chance to knock Dodds off his perch, I believe he is still in front by a decent margin.


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