Anonymous Tables Launched at Ladbrokes Poker

Posted at 03:31 2010-11-05

If the anonymity of online poker is not enough for you, Ladbrokes Poker has just brought out the product you are looking for. Ladbrokes has become the first online site to bring out Anonymous Tables. While some sites currently offer the option to change your screen name and Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker makes HUD stats pretty hard to use, Ladbroke’s new tables take the data-mining element completely out of the game.

When you log join an Anonymous Table at Ladbrokes you will see your own Avatar and username as per normal, but the avatar and username of all your opponents will be masked. You will be able to see their seat and chip count only, meaning everyone at the table is starting with virtually the same amount of information.

Kate McLennan, the poker room manager at Ladbrokes was quoted as saying, “We are really excited about this launch. Never before have poker players been able to play without other players knowing who they are. This brings an added element to the game for people with a playing style that may be recognisable. For those new to the game, it is an opportunity to try some different moves without getting a reputation because players will simply never know who they are playing against.”

While it is unclear exactly who these tables will appeal to, it’s obvious that Ladbrokes has identified a niche in the online poker market. If they prove a success you can bet other online poker sites will be quick to copy the concept. Safe to say that your session-to-session history will no longer matter if you are playing on the anonymous tables.

If you would like to jump in and give Anonymous Poker a try, why not download Ladbrokes Poker through PokerNetwork for an exclusive 100% up to $750 bonus. That’s the opportunity to double your deposit up to $750 and if the anonymous thing works for you it could be worth a whole lot more.

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Anonymous Tables are a reality at Ladbrokes Poker Anonymous Tables are a reality at Ladbrokes Poker

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