Aussies Online: "garage13" and "StevoL" Wind Back The Clock

Posted at 09:47 2011-03-08

Over the last few years online poker has proven itself as one of the most popular arenas for the biggest and richest tournaments the world has to offer, often trumping brick and mortar tournaments in both prizepool and prestige. Online poker had nothing to prove yesterday morning, but prove something it did.

It was five years ago that PokerStars started what would become the most sought after and widely played weekly tournament the world has to offer. Who could have guessed then that the very tournament started all those years ago would eventually play host to the second richest online tournament ever held.

While no Australian player would manage to take down any significant piece of the historic $11,825,600 prizepool, the Sunday Million 5th Anniversary $5,000,000 guarantee did bring out Australia’s best in droves to join the 59,128 players who each dished out the $215 entry fee. The last Aussie standing was Queensland’s “dmonch” who pocketed $10,051 for his 40th place finish.

When play dwindled to a couple of tables, talk of a deal had already begun. This was due to the payout structure of the event which saw that the winner would take home $1,655,629 while ninth place would see disproportionately less moolah, with only $41,389 for the deep finish. Once the final table was decided a deep negotiation began and after calculating the number a nine-way deal was made, with the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 of course left aside for eventual winner Bdbeatslayer”.

With the historic Sunday Million in the record books (see below for full results), it was during the mammoth 5th anniversary event that Aussie online players would be making their mark all over the virtual felt.

The spotlight may have been on PokerStars for their groundbreaking tournament, but there would be a big Aussie flag spotlight shining on Full Tilt Poker as three Australian players would weave their way through the $1,500,000 Guarantee to take home a combined $264,573.

With more than double the guarantee and over three million on offer in the tournament, three Aussies found themselves deep in the thick of the action. Sean “walchy” Walchwas the first to miss his chance at the victory, his 13th good for $15,871. It would be Steve “StevoL” Leonard and Alex “garage13” Dickinson left flying the Aussie flag on the final table with Leonard falling to the rail in 6th place and receiving $85,082 leaving Dickinson as the last hope at the almost half a million dollar first prize. Dickenson wouldn’t be able to take down a win, but his 4th place would see him leave with $163,620 in prizemoney to start off March well in the black.

While Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis couldn’t survive deep into the Sunday Million, he would only need one more shot at a big score yesterday morning. It was in the Sunday 2nd Chance that Karamalikis would assert his poker prowess, eventually succumbing in a gallant 2nd place, pocketing $57,420 for his efforts.

Ben “bennybunny18” Richardson and Matt “mjw006” Wakeman would take their fare share of the Monday morning cash pie, with Richardson taking home $14,792 for his 7th place finish in the Full Tilt Poker Sunday Brawl, while Wakeman would be $1,558 richer after taking 4th in the $75,000 Guarantee on the same site.

The hugely successful Monday morning that saw hundreds of thousands into the pockets of Aussie players was the climax after a quieter week, but many notable players still managed to put up some respectable scores.

Tom “tollgate” Grigg went home with $6,750 for his first place finish in the $25,000 guaranteed turbo on Full Tilt Poker, while Ashotin “myriddin” Cartwright took down victories in the $15,000 guarantee on Party Poker and in a $33 2R1A event on PokerStars to see a combined $9,518 shipped his way.

It was Sam “MILF ISLAND” Rotar who was taking down scores all over PokerStars, with five 4-figure scores across the site good for $15,385 in prizemoney, while Hugh “jackovich” Cohen took down a victory in the UB $15,000 guarantee and a 3rd in the PokerStars $109 1R1A to take a home a combined $12,050.

After one of the biggest and most memorable days in online poker history it is hard to imagine that it could be topped, but if Aussies have anything to do with it there will be plenty more where that came from.

Be sure to check in next week for all the online action in what will hopefully be another big week, but until then hit up the PokerNetwork forums for all your bad beat stories and virtual sweats.

PokerStars Fifth Anniversary Special Sunday Million

Buy-in: $215

Prizepool: $11,825,600
Entrants: 59,128

1st place: Bdbeatslayer ($671,093.81* + Lamborghini Gallardo)
2nd place: sheppyshape ($465,647*)
3rd place: wrzr123 ($844,209*)
4th place: guccyka ($411,090*)
5th place: Syndrome1977 ($799,842*)
6th place: zeurrr ($518,402*)
7th place: nhar818 ($441,541*)
8th place: Jan10004 ($311,023*)
9th place: Battmeister ($263,888*)

*denotes nine-way deal

Full Tilt Poker $1,500,000 Guarantee

Buy-in: $216
Prizepool: $3,272,400
Entrants: 16,362

1st place: BriALLIN ($490,860)
2nd place: Pocket Plus ($327,240)
3rd place: backin200 ($229,068)
4th place: garage13 ($163,620)
5th place: boujer ($114,534)
6th place: StevoL_7 ($85,082)
7th place: DrGiggy ($61,553)
8th place: metfan4590 ($45,159)
9th place: SCF187 ($32,069)

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A record day brought some fine results for Aussies online A record day brought some fine results for Aussies online

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