Isildur1 Pulls The Pin on Party Poker Big Game

Posted at 10:35 2010-04-11

Isildur1 has pulled the pin on what was a promoter’s dream for the Party Poker Big Game IV. According to a disappointed Tony G, Isildur1 informed him of his intention to withdraw from the European version of High Stakes Poker via a text message.

Tony G revealed in his blog that they had finalised plans for Isildur1 to be backed on a 50/50 deal by the Australian-Lithuanian professional, with all of his travel expenses taken care of as well. However much to the dismay of a salivating audience, the mystery man will not be in London when taping takes place next week.

The whole situation regarding Isildur1 remains cryptic, with Tony G only confirming Isildur1 has some personal issues to take care of and that he will be going for his driver’s licence test soon. It has left many in the poker world to speculate whether Tony has actually made contact with Isildur1 or if the entire thing is a well played marketing card by Party Poker.

Isildur1 remains “in the closet” for now, although the vast majority of people continue to believe that Tony G’s initial announcement outing Viktor Blom as the nose-bleed professional is true. One thing is certain and that is that Isildur1 will not be taking his place alongside Luke “FullFlush” Schwartz, Phil Laak, Jennifer Tilly and Tony G himself.

However the good news is that Tony G is promising to put on a show, revealing in his blog that he has wired a lot of money to London and will be bringing his A-game when he strolls out to Queen’s “Bicycle” at the taping.

Party Poker is certainly getting their money’s worth from the promotion that Tony G is bringing them. PokerNetworker’s are also reaping the benefits of the close links with Tony G offering up two money-can’t-buy seats into the Party Poker Big Game IV as prizes in a recent freeroll. There are sure to be more exclusive promotions on Party Poker as a direct result of Tony G’s involvement at the site, so if you are not already a member, it’s a great chance to download Party Poker and get a fantastic bonus of 100% up to $500 or $50 Free Cash!

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The mysterious Isildur1 will not be making his TV debut just yet... The mysterious Isildur1 will not be making his TV debut just yet...

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