Isildur1 Tames Tony G in PokerStars SuperStar Showdown

Posted at 19:48 2011-01-04

The second match of the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown was in full action yesterday as Isildur1 squared off against renowned trash-talker Antanas ‘Tony G’ Guoga.

The mystery player from Sweden was looking to bounce back after taking a $41,701 loss in the inaugural showdown against Isaac ‘philivey2694’ Haxton in December. After 2,500 hands against Tony G yesterday, Isildur1 managed to do just that, bringing home a victory and $44,280 of Tony G’s bankroll to go along with it. The win puts Isildur1at one win, one loss in the SuperStar Showdown thus far.

The showdown between Tony G and Isildur1 kicked off as the Sunday Majors on PokerStars were in full swing, with a crowd of railbirds watching and sweating every moment of action.

The match was played half No-Limit Holdem and half Pot-Limit Omaha, with stakes at $50-$100. Consisting of a single 2,500 hand session, it would be a rollercoaster of swings as an early Tony G lead would eventually be decimated by Isildur1.

It took less than 15 minutes before the first all-in of the showdown would take place, with one of the PLO tables playing host to the action. Holding {ad}{ah}{jd}{4c} Tony G six-bet all-in and managed a call from Isildur1 with his {ac}{qc}{td}{5d}. With no help for Isildur1, Tony G’s aces held up and the first $10,000 buy-in from Isildur1 was sent Tony G’s way.

After early momentum, luck would change for Tony G who would lose the next four all-in pots and find himself down around $20,000, but it wouldn’t take long for a momentum swing.

The next few hands would be all Tony G with several all-in pots shipped to the Lithuanian-Aussie. Holding {kc}{qc}{qh}{5h}, Tony G three-bet pre-flop and then check-raised Isildur1 when the combo-draw-rich flop landed {jh}{ts}{4h}. With all the money again in the flop, the heart on the turn was too good for Isildur1 and Tony G took down the pot. After getting full value with trips on one of the NLHE tables, flopping a set over at PLO and stacking Isildur1 with two-pair back at NLHE, Tony G would go into the first break after 207 hands with a $23,850 lead.

When another 300 hands were in the bag and Tony G couldn’t seem to lose an all-in, the trash talk began. Up $47,000, Tony G started attacking his keyboard asking Isuldur1, “u feeling okay man?” and telling him, “u getting owned by a total donk.”  Perhaps speaking to soon, it was then that the largest pot of the match played out on one of the PLO tables.

With the preflop action on Isildur1, he opened for a standard $300 raise and Tony G called. The flop fell {kc}{9c}{2d} and Tony G check-called a $500 bet from Isildur1. Tony G then led out for $1,200 when the {jh} fell on the turn.  Isildur1 made it $3,450 to go and Tony G re-potted to $11,950, Isildur1 then moved all-in and Tony G made the call, turning over {qs}{td}{6c}{5c} for a king-high straight. Isildur1 showed {ad}{qd}{tc}{9c} for the same hand but with a draw to the better straight. The {qh} on the river meant Isildur1 made Broadway and shipped the $45,800 pot.

As Tony G managed to keep his lead, the trash-talk he his known for started flying fast and soon enough he found himself up over $60,000

Tony G: u donk
Tony G: get a hand
Tony G: ure a farse
Tony G: i control u like a baby

It wasn’t long before Isildur1 had almost his entire $150,000 showdown bankroll on the table, but it wouldn’t be long before he cut Tony G’s lead down to $22,900 after 1,000 hands and the talk changed.

Tony G: here he comes
Tony G: well done
Tony G: you are the best

Another 250 hands and Isildur1 was up $50,000, but not for long as a rivered flush for a $85,200 pot put Tony G up, with a $12,200 lead. It would be one of the last times Tony G would be in the black as Isildur1 went on a rampage for the next 1,000 hands.

Down $73,000, Tony G started his signature ranting in the chat box, complaining about everything including the rules of the challenge. He would only have 500 hands to make it back to even.

The final hands saw some more swings with Tony G gambling big to try and recover, but the showdown eventually ended after a total of nine hours play, with Tony G making a little ground, finishing $44,280 in the red. His final parting words:

Tony G: all over
Tony G: I have been humilated
Tony G: well done
Tony G: let me go and look for my bike

With the second SuperStar Showdown now in the record books, Tony G is already keen for a rematch, stating in his blog “I am now inviting Isildur1 to Party Poker where I will take him on and add 50k of my own money for the winner.”

Although it is unknown who Isildur1’s next challenger will be in the SuperStar Showdown, after redeeming himself in the second challenge, the poker world will be eagerly watching to see all the action unfold.

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The mysterious Swede, isildur1 got the better of Tony G in the latest PokerStars SuperStar Showdown The mysterious Swede, isildur1 got the better of Tony G in the latest PokerStars SuperStar Showdown

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