Join Poker’s Elite with a Full Tilt Black Card

Posted at 11:06 2010-10-07

If you truly want something to brag to your poker friends about, then you should try getting a Black Card at Full Tilt Poker. Full Tilt Black Cards are only given to elite players who can average 500 Full Tilt Points a day over a 100-day rolling period. Obviously the majority of poker players aren’t able to do this so you would be in a special class of Full Tilt Poker players with a Black Card.

Going beyond the bragging rights, the Black Card offers some incredible benefits that totally make this card worth earning. For starters, you receive entry into exclusive Black Card tournaments that only card holders will be able to play in. Black Card members also get preferred treatment at live tournament locations just like the Full Tilt Pros; this of course includes access to the Pro’s Choice WSOP suite.

Another great perk of being a card holder is that you will receive double Full Tilt Points in ring games and tournaments. As if the benefits aren’t enough already, you’ll also be able to shop in an exclusive Black Card Store. Here you can get everything from a Sony BRAVIA 60-inch, HD TV to a Mercedes CLS550. One last benefit of being a card holder is that there’s an entire customer support team dedicated to Black Card members.

As you can see, being a Black Card holder at Full Tilt puts you in a whole new class among online poker players. Obviously it’s not easy to earn one of these cards with the 500 FTP’s a day average, but it is definitely worth the effort. And even if you drop below the 500 points average, you have a 50 day grace period to earn the card back.

The average is easy to track so you won’t have a problem finding out if you qualify for the card. The only thing you need to worry about is playing enough poker to earn a Black Card.

Download Full Tilt Poker and make your run at achieving Black Card status!

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Join poker's elite with Full Tilt Black Card status Join poker's elite with Full Tilt Black Card status

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