Party Poker's Five Star Poker Challenge Giving Away $5,000 Every Day in December

Posted at 08:12 2010-12-02

Christmas isn’t the only reason to celebrate this December since Party Poker will be giving away $5,000 every day through the Five Star Poker Challenge. And the best thing about the Five Star Poker Challenge is that all of the money will be given out through freerolls!

All you need to do to enter one of the $5,000 freerolls is earn 5 Party Points in a single day; when you earn 5 Party Points, you’ll be given a ticket for a $5,000 freeroll the next day. Seeing as how there’s a $5,000 freeroll every day, that’s 31 opportunities to earn free money with the Five Star Poker Challenge. If you do the math, Party Poker is offering $155,000 through the daily freerolls alone.

Amazingly, the freerolls don’t stop with the daily $5,000 events because Party Poker is also holding a $50,000 finale on January 2nd. To get in this $50,000 finale, you simply need to qualify for 5 freerolls throughout December; this amounts to earning 5 Party Points on five different days, which is pretty easy.

One more added bonus to the Five Star Poker Challenge is that jackpots are being offered to players who meet the following qualifications:

$5,000 – Anyone who wins two daily freerolls in December.
$50,000 – Anyone who wins three daily freerolls.
$500,000 – Anybody who wins five daily freerolls.

With all of the free money on the table in December, this is the perfect time to sign up and start playing at Party Poker.

Assuming you do sign up, you can also compete for $16,000 Aussie Millions prize packages from with satellites running through until January 9th. Both freerolls and cheap qualifiers are currently running at Party Poker, so you can start playing for a prize package right away.

Last year, Aussie Millions champion Tyron Krost ($2,000,000) and runner-up Frederik Jensen ($1,100,000) both won their prize packages through Party Poker. So download Party Poker today and join in the Five Star Poker Challenge and qualify for the 2011 Aussie Millions!

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Join the Five Star Poker Challenge at Party Poker in December Join the Five Star Poker Challenge at Party Poker in December

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