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Posted at 11:00 2010-11-22

In their latest software update Party Poker have introduced many new features which will give players all the more reason to head over to their site.

The biggest change to the software, which will sure to get the grinders talking, is the addition of anonymous heads-up tables.

The new tables will give players the option to play heads-up poker with their screen names hidden. This new game offering is sure to interest players looking for a new layer to the excitement of heads-up play, with the anonymity of players meaning tracking software, HUD’s and player notes become all but useless.

Party Poker Pro Kara Scott is excited at the prospect of the innovation and the adjustments which will need to be made to adapt to the new tables.

“Playing anonymously will definitely make it more important to be very aware of your opponents’ actions and then be flexible enough to adjust quickly rather than working off of your previous notes on a player’s style,” Scott said. “It’s good to exercise those muscles and will certainly demand a greater focus on what’s actually going on in front of you at the table, rather than playing people who’s game you know inside out.”

2010 Aussie Million champion Tyrone Krost is eager to use the new tables as a means to try some new strategies.

“I think it will give all players the opportunity to go and try some new styles out and a few different approaches that they otherwise might not have,” commented Krost.

In addition to these new tables, Party Poker will be offering players a slew of new exciting features.

This includes the ability to ‘Rabbit Hunt’. Those familiar with the term will know that this allows players the ability to see the cards which would have arrived on the turn and river, had they stayed in the hand.

Not getting the right odds to chase that inside straight draw? With Party Poker offering Rabbit Hunting, players will now be able to torture themselves, or get that much needed sigh of relief by seeing what could have been.

Also included in the new update is the “Fold or Show” feature. While players were previously given the option to either muck or show their hand, they will now have the ability to show both or just one of their cards.

This new feature will add a new level of metagame and make for interesting table dynamics, with the ability to mislead your opponents as to what was in your hand.

With enhanced tournament information now displayed and Party Poker Pros now easily spotted, the site continues to innovate and grow.

Download Party Poker now and try your hand at some anonymous heads-up poker. If you win, swear to your friends it was you. If you lose, nobody will ever know.

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Be anonymous on Party Poker's new heads-up tables Be anonymous on Party Poker's new heads-up tables

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