Tony G Chasing Eastgate's Bracelet

Posted at 10:38 2010-11-21

When he decided to sell his World Series of Poker Main Event bracelet, Peter Eastgate would have been expecting a fair bit of interest. What he might not have expected is Tony G to claim, “My dog will be wearing Eastgate’s bracelet.”

In the poker world Tony G is as equally known for his big cash game play and tremendous tournament success as he is for the antics he manages to get himself into.

Tony G’s latest shenanigans involve him being determined to purchase Eastgate’s WSOP bracelet, when the Danish World Champion placed it on eBay earlier this week. Tony G intends to fashion the bracelet into a collar for his beloved German Shepherd dog.

Eastgate made history at the 2008 WSOP Main Event when he became the then youngest champion of all time and took home over $9,000,000.

The proceeds from the bracelet sale will be going towards UNICEF in the United States, a fund which aids the survival, protection and development of children all around the world.

With Tony G publicly claiming he is going to purchase the bracelet and with the proceeds going to such a fantastic cause, it will be some great publicity for the auction.

When the determined Tony G made his intentions known, the auction had made it to a respectable $16,500 with 8 days of bidding left.

“I am going to lead the bidding at $17,500, I don’t expect any further bids,” Tony G said in his blog. “As I know there are very few people with the heart and courage to challenge a determined Tony G.”

When PokerNetwork last viewed the auction it was climbing to well over $40,000, with no sign of the bids slowing down.

If Tony G manages to take home the bracelet he will have one happy dog and will have greatly helped in raising much needed funds for UNICEF.

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