Andrew Capelin Wins Sydney Champs Main Event!

Posted at 21:27 2010-09-12

It has taken four intense days of tournament poker, twenty-five grueling levels and many a bad beat to see a champion crowned in the 2010 Sydney Poker Championships Main Event!

363 players all emptied their pocket of $1,650 in a hope to grab a share of the $544,500 prizepool - an increase from last year indicating the strong growth of poker not only in Sydney and New South Wales, but also around the country.

Some of Australia's best players took to the felt over the four days of play with previous champion Jarred Graham, alongside players that have scored many a success in this very room such as Grant Levy, Aaron Benton, Brendon Rubie, Daniel Neilson and Tom Grigg all partaking. Throw in the likes of Billy Argyros, Graeme Putt, Sam Khouiss, Scott Smith, John Caridad, Peter Aristidou and Tony Hachem and you have one of the most talented and highly skilled fields ever assembled in the Star City poker room.

Unfortunately only a handful of players can walk away with a pocket-full of money as Sean Dunwoodie (36th), Daniel Kochan (34th), Michael O'Grady (30th), Leo Boxell (28th), Ricky Kroesen (22nd), Mike Ivin (18th), Stephen Lindeblad (17th) and Sheldon (15th) all managed to snatch a small piece of the prize pool.

Arriving today at a final table of nine, it would be Event 3 winner Honglin Jiang leading the charge and in reaching distance of grabbing his second title within a week. Throw in now seasoned veterans Milan Gurung and Joel Dodds along with Opening Event winner Alec Smith, and the final table was set to be an intense affair.

The pace to start the day was faster than Tony Hachem can rattle off a bad beat story as we lost three players within the first level before Joel Dodds released his stranglehold on the final table when he doubled up Andrew Capelin's full house as Barry Forrester exited soon after. Unfortunately Dodds' run as short-stack ninja would end with an out-draw as Milan Gurung soared to the chip lead before Sasha Skalrud got booted out the door.

Jiang would be unable to reach his second round of heads up play within seven days as Gurung and Capelin prepared for their own heads up battle with just twenty-big blinds separating the two.

That gap would be flipped and extended after just four hands when Capelin made a move with ace-eight against Gurung's top pair and straight draw. The poker Gods were on the local’s side however as although Gurung would improve to a straight on the turn, Capelin would make the stone cold nuts with Broadway on the river to soar out to a near six-to-one advantage. Just several hands later the dust would settle when Capelin's {Ac}{7c} spiked two pair on the flop to send Gurung out the door in second; one place better than where he finished in 2009.

PokerNetwork would like to congratulate Andrew Capelin on an outstanding tournament as he grinded his way through a tough field yesterday before accumulating chips throughout the duration of the final table. Capelin displayed bouts of controlled aggression, great displays of patience and extreme composure as he raised, folded and bluffed his way to collecting the Sydney Poker Championships Main Event title, coveted crystal trophy and very welcoming $136,942 payday!

Final Table Results
1st Andrew Capelin - $136,942
2nd Milan Gurung - $86,576
3rd Honglin Jiang - $48,461
4th Sasha Skalrud - $37,571
5th Joel 'StrongPlay' Dodds - $30,764
6th Barry Forrester - $25,047
7th Michael Mayar - $19,874
8th Joel Sheridan - $14,974
9th Alec Smith - $11,435

As for the PokerNetwork Live Reporting Team, we would firstly like to thank Deb Rillo, Jason Wicks and the Star City Poker Room for conducting yet another fantastic tournament.  We will be taking a little hiatus from the world of tournament reporting, but make sure to catch our big brother of PokerNews as they journey across the Tasman Sea for the upcoming PokerStars.net Asia Pacific Poker Tour Auckand stop from September 15th - 19th.

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Andrew Capelin Wins Sydney Poker Championships Main Event! Andrew Capelin Wins Sydney Poker Championships Main Event!

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