Aussies Online: Dong Delivers and Justice Shipped!

Posted at 20:28 2010-04-12

“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.” – Bob Dylan

For a hardy group of Australians, Monday morning begins much earlier than for their regular 9-to-5 counterparts, and this Monday was no exception with Australian poker players from all over the country logging on to see if today was their “one time.”

The biggest winner on the day is a guy well known to the Australian poker community.

The newly announced Full Tilt Poker Red Pro, Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis once again proved he is among the best players in the world as he took on one of the toughest Sunday majors, the PokerStars Sunday 500, as he finished in 2nd place for almost US$65,000.

It’s a testament to Jono’s dedication and commitment to improving as a player that when congratulated on finishing 2nd his reply was, “Thanks, but I’m not satisfied with second place.”

But the Dong wasn’t the only one making a deep run today.

Two Australians flew the flag at the final table of the Full Tilt Poker Fifty-Fifty.

“Kennl” took home just under US$5,000 for his 3rd place finish, while fellow Aussie “Phill the Pump” finished 2nd in the 1,201 person field to add US$8,500 to his bankroll.

Also on Full Tilt, “Dwight H12” finished 2nd in the $14,000 guarantee $20r (6 max) for US$3,720.

Over on PokerStars, PNW regular “RAWKZ” fell just 8 spots short of the final table in the PokerStars $1.5m guarantee, but still picked up almost US$5,000 for his deep run.

Also on PokerStars Rayan “rkruok” Nathan added another final table and US$4,000 for his 8th place finish in the $55 buy-in, $300k guaranteed tournament, and “Dave798111” made his eighth final table in the last seven days when he finished in 9th place in the Nightly 70k, good for US$1,067 to cap off a very successful week.

In other results Chris “PokerDomeAA” Levick narrowly missed the final table in the Stars $100r, ultimately finishing in 13th (US$2,200) and “AAraLAA” beat over 10,350 players in the Full Tilt Double Deuce to finish in 17th (US$778)

Last, but definitely not least, everyone’s favourite shipper of justice, the one, the only, Andrew “Adgee” Jeffreys, will be returning to Las Vegas and the WSOP in 2010 after winning a US$13,000 package in the iPoker $530 qualifier this morning.

If you want to join Adgee in Las Vegas (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t!!) check out the PokerNetwork WSOP page for details about upcoming satellites and promotions.

PokerStars Sunday Million
Buy-in: $200 + $15
Prize Pool: $1,720,600
Entrants: 8,603

*1. kixelsyd - $160,215.83
*2. xxndavisxx - $167,775.38
*3. Machiavilian - $145,380.57
*4. keckboss - $127,550.07
*5. Methos_ST - $121,046.68
6. Dusnumbri - $51,618
7. just_two_ace - $34,412
8. PrinceAndrew - $18,926.60
9. Wu2kayY18 - $13,334.65

*denotes five-handed deal leaving $30,000 to the eventual winner

PokerStars Sunday 500
Buy-in: $500 + $30
Prize Pool: $518,500
Entrants: 1,037

1. Adam "squee451" Sherman - $89,493.10
2. Jonathan "MONSTER_DONG" Karamalakis - $64,812.50
3. Michael "Skämmes" Tureniec - $49,257.50
4. roi kin23 - $36,087.60
5. sil_eye_hand - $25,665.75
6. roo_400 - $20,480.75
7. moneytaker85 - $15,295.75
8. Dan "WiLDmAn75" Buzgon - $10,110.75
9. Brad "smerks" Marsh - $5,703.50

Full Tilt $750,000 Guarantee
Buy-in: $200 + $16
Prize Pool: $765,600
Entrants: 3,828

1. at0247 - $135,549.48
2. omgfml2 - $81,919.20
3. DingDongAllDay - $53,592
4. Hiren "hustla16" Patel - $42,261.12
5. ThelBanker - $31,695.84
6. LederJoe - $23,503.92
7. Millad "losebigpots" Jorshari - $17,608.80
8. Agrella - $13,780.80
9. rob131986 - $10,259.04

*denotes seven-handed deal

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Aussies had a big Monday on the virtual felt! Aussies had a big Monday on the virtual felt!

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