Aussies Online April: Ship It to South Australia

Posted at 08:39 2010-05-02

South Australia one, two and three for the biggest scores in April.


But really are you surprised?

Yet another dominant display from those Adelaide online kids. The lion’s share of Australia’s major results went the way of the South Australian capital and there are no prizes for guessing who was leading from the front.

Australia’s resurgent number one Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis solidified his top ranking with a $64,812 score to celebrate Easter, and a $51,940 victory to end the month. In between he crushed every game online as he amassed a stunning $142,052 during April. The Dong’s biggest earner for the month came with his runner up finish in the Sunday 500 on PokerStars. His encore came with a victory in the Absolute Poker $150,000 Guaranteed where he saluted judges over a field of 196.

Barcs69, also from Adelaide, popped up for one his semi-regular big scores. He ran deep in the $1,060 buyin Six Max event at FTOPS XVI, bowing out in fifth place for $63,750. Barcs had the board brick out in a big race that saw his {Ax}{Qx} beaten by {Tx}{tx} to send him to the rail just short of a six figure score. That event was hosted by Israel’s newest resident Jeff Madsen. In all Barcs was the second biggest earning Aussie with $107,068 in earnings.

The Trifecta was completed with James “Andy_McLEOD” Obst’s win in the Friday Night Fight on Full Tilt Poker. Obst secured $30,888 in that event. Obst had a respectable month earning $55,440 for April.

Back on the East Coast, Callum “c-biz-kid” Ford grinded out a decent $59,144 April, built on consistent results. He wasn’t able to turn a five-figure win, but he had plenty of the four-figure results, and some nice deep runs in the circa $50 buyin range.

Victorian “aces_up4108” introduced himself to the Australian rankings with a good grinding effort. Aces_Up made the most of his opportunities, turning an $11 rebuy event into $10,479 on PokerStars, backed up with a wave of consistent runs that earned him $57,345.

xMONSTERxDONGx has taken a stranglehold at the top of the Australian rankings being one of the top Aussies in every month this year. Ben “CNT_Crusher” Delaney is ranked number two, while Andy_McLEOD rounds out the big three. In an example of just how stiff the world top 100 competition actually is, only xMONSTERxDONGx has a ranking at 59th.


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The Adelaide kids continue to dominate the online scene The Adelaide kids continue to dominate the online scene

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