Kashyap Leads Day 1b in Auckland

Posted at 21:52 2010-09-16

Day 1b of the 2010 PokerStars.net APPT Auckland Main Event saw 129 players hit the felt with many of Australasia’s finest players in attendance including Joel Dodds, Jai Kemp, Jay Kinkade, Raj Ramakrishnan, Julius Colman, Leo Boxell, Mishel Anunu, Michael Spilkin, Luke Edwards, PokerStars Pros Tony Hachem and Lee Nelson, and defending champion Simon Watt.

The action was fierce early on with four bust out within the first few minutes, including 2009 ANZPT Queensland champ Scott Kerr and PokerStars qualifier Pontus Kers who had flown half way around the world to play just one hand of poker!

Some of the big names struggled, including Tony Hachem who had some rough luck to be bundled out of the tournament during the day. His final hand saw his pocket queens fall to the {Ac}{tc} of Leo Boxell when three more clubs fell on board. Perhaps Hachem’s rough luck was to do with his preparation for the day which involved little clothing and a large Maori gentleman...


Simon Watt was also bundled out when he lost the battle with his short stack while Lee Nelson was able to negotiate his way through the day with an average stack.

The chip lead swapped hands on multiple occasions late in the day before 2010 ANZPT Gold Coast champion Nauv Kashyap grabbed it at the death as he chipped up quietly to end the day with 99,075.

55 players survived the day with Koray Turker (87,075), Michael Kroger (79,400), Julius Colman (78,025) and Kevin Petersen (71,500) amongst the chip leaders. Other notable to make it through to day two include Leo Boxell (64,075), Mike King (58,700), Lance Climo (48,800), Raj Ramakrishnan (41,225), Richard Lancaster (35,275), Jai Kemp (24,200), Joel Dodds (20,925) and Josh Barrett (14,675).

Play recommences at 12:15pm as the 96 remaining players will play down to the money.

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Nauv Kashyap leads day 1b of the APPT Auckland Main Event Nauv Kashyap leads day 1b of the APPT Auckland Main Event

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