Win an iPhone 4 at Party Poker!

Posted at 20:23 2010-10-13

Party Poker’s latest promotion is sure to prove as popular as the iPhone 4. That’s because eight of the popular new release smart-phones will be the major prizes will be given away in a freeroll series that also boasts cash for the minor places.

Simply sign up a new account at Party Poker and make a deposit before end of November and you will instantly be able to enter the eight iPhone Freerolls. Each tournament will give away a phone to the winner. Win and the phone is yours, it’s that easy. If you make the final table, but fall short of the phone, you can console yourself with a minor boost to your Party Poker bankroll. But who plays for the cash anyway, it’s all about the smart phone!

The payout structure for each iPhone 4 Freeroll is:

1st - iPhone 4
2nd - $60
3rd - $40
4th - $25
5th - $20
6th - $15
7th - $13
8th - $11
9th - $9
10th - $7

The freerolls will run weekly from October 13, right through until the end of November. Of course the iPhone freerolls are not the only reason you should be racing over to Party Poker. This week they announced the return of their popular Cash Runner rake race series, in addition to the already running Card Rush XL promotion.

The Cash Runner series is about who can grind the most Party Points during the promotional period and is the perfect opportunity for players to dramatically boost their win rate simply by grinding like a demon!

But the real skill game is Card Rush XL. Of course that’s a tongue-in-cheek summation of the promotion that anyone can win and will win. Much like the “everyone wins a prize” carnival games, simply collect five Party Poker player points and you’ll win something instantly. Prizes include $1-$5,000 cash instantly, as well as 10-25,000 in Party Points. That’s got to be a whole lot more enticing than the key ring you get in those rigged carnival games, when all you wanted was to win your girl the massive pink panther.

Card Rush XL also has a leaderboard competition going where players can earn up to $9,000 in cash simply for outscoring their opponents. But who needs poker skill, when you can snap-bank a lazy 20 player points (or $5,000 cash if that’s more your thing) instantly.

If you haven’t checked out Party Poker before, there is no better time than now to do it, with PokerNetwork offering you a free no deposit $50 to get you started. Get on Party Poker, try out the real money games on us, then make a deposit, win the iPhone, grind out a major prize on the Card Runner or Card Rush XL leaderboards, then take your winnings to the local show and prepare to put $9,000 through that carnival game till you win the Pink Panther. Trust us, it’s worth it!

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Win an iPhone 4 for free at Party Poker! Win an iPhone 4 for free at Party Poker!

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