2010 WSOP Main Event Draws 7,319 Entrants

Posted at 05:25 2010-07-10

The numbers are in and it’s official, the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event has attracted the second largest field in poker tournament history.  The juicy first prize of $8,944,138 is what the 7,319 runners are in the running to capture.  The run has been cut short for a few of the Aussies as the fourth and final day one flight concluded. Two big names failing to make it through to day two were 2005 Champion Joe Hachem and reigning ANZPT Player of the Year Tony Hachem.

The crippling hand for Joe was during the third level of play when he bet 5,725 into a {Jc}{8h}{Js}{3c}{7c} board only to go into the tank after his opponent raised all in for a total of 16,100. “I’m not Hollywooding, boys. Either you got a full house or you’re bluffing,” Hachem was reported to state on the PokerNews blog, before eventually making the call. Unfortunately for Hachem, the bluff was not there as he dropped down to 9,000 when his opponent tabled {8c}{8d}. Only moments later, Joe himself was holding the pocket eights, and a coin flip away from survival when his final chips were in the middle up against {Ah}{Kh}. The river spiked the ace and Joe was sent to the rail.

On the other side of the fence was Joe’s protege, Amanda De Cesare who is playing the Main Event as part of her prize for winning the poker-based reality series, The Poker Star. De Cesare had her tournament life on the line early in day’s play, but spiked a two-outer to double up to over 60,000. It was a case of the student outlasting the master, as De Cesare bagged up 53,850 for her day on the felt.

Notables who were not so fortunate to bag up chips at the end of the day with their Main Event quest over were John Juanda, Phil Gordon, Allen Kessler and Sorel Mizzi. Juanda’s exit meant that Frank Kassella has wrapped up WSOP Player of the Year honours.

Survivors from Day 1d who are still in the hunt to grab their share of the $68,798,600 prize pool include Tim Marsters (67,700), Matt Pearson (59,175), David Allan (57,975), David Saab (56,450), Yann Pauchon (39,350), and Eric Assadourian (14,275).

Also making it through the day were several Team APL qualifiers including Jade Tornquist (107,000), Kerry Allen (62,000), Toby Hart (52,000) and George Apat (51,625).

Tomorrow the survivors of Day 1a and 1c will come together for the first time as four more levels will be played on Day 2a as the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event continues.

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7,319 Entrants for the 2010 WSOP Main Event! 7,319 Entrants for the 2010 WSOP Main Event!

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