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Posted at 12:14 2011-01-01

Do you turn your car engine off and roll down big hills to save money on petrol? What about collecting soft drink bottles in the Eastern states and taking them to South Australia to collect on the Container Deposit Legislation system. If you haven’t been living your life +ev, it’s time to shape it up in 2011! PokerNetwork has the best ways to get some free swag as we welcome everyone to the New Year!

No Deposit Free $50 at Party Poker

This is such a no brainer. A free $25 in your account to start out courtesy of Party Poker. Then the opportunity to grind out a $25 bonus on top of the instant cash. No other online poker site comes close to this type of instant bonus. When you throw in all of the exclusive PokerNetwork freerolls and promotions that you gain access to, you would be literally burning money not to sign up to Party Poker through PokerNetwork. Follow the detailed instructions on that page as you sign up and you will have $25 in your account within 72 hours!

Full Tilt $100,000 First Depositor Freeroll

So now we’re signed up at Party Poker and we’re already +$25 for the year and freerolling whatever we make on the tables over there. But there is so much more value to be had. Speaking of freerolls why don’t we get our ticket for the biggest new depositor freeroll available monthly online. Full Tilt Poker just do things that much bigger than most other sites. Be it their nosebleed cash games, their stable of star professionals, their Rush Poker games (turbo tables on speed!) or their $100,000 first depositor freerolls. It’s all good and well to offer up players a shot at a couple of hundred bucks for nothing, but we’re all about increasing our expected value here, so time to download Full Tilt Poker, sign up and deposit so we get our ticket to the biggest freeroll event online. Check out the review on Full Tilt Poker before signing up to get your freeroll ticket and 100% up to $600 bonus.

Lock Pro Bounty Freeroll

Ok so the Full Tilt Freeroll will take some time to make the money and the Party Poker bonus will require some disciplined grinding to unlock the full value. Where is the bonus any donk can collect on? Lock Poker is the answer! Throughout January and February Lock Poker will be running four $7,500 freerolls. Each freeroll has a big prizepool to collect on, but we’re interested in where we can make some quick dollars. Every freeroll will have 25 Lock Poker Pros in the field; with each pro carrying an instant $100 bonus on their head. So the game plan is simple - find Joe ‘Conno86’ Connolly, Lee ‘LChilds’ Childs or any other of their Lock Poker Pro friends, find two cards and find a way to get the money in the middle (hopefully as bad as you can possibly get it in), before finding the suck out and boom free $100 bounty. Then rinse and repeat a few times with some random chat smack to annoy the copious numbers of railbirds at your table and you’re rolling in a couple of hundred bucks. Don’t forget you can triple up your initial deposit when you download Lock Poker using the 200% up to $1,000 bonus.

PokerStars Monthly Freerolls and VIP Program

Ok so we’re well on the way to building our bankroll to start the year, and now are we going to collect some more free loot during the mid-year grind. PokerStars is regarded as having one of the best VIP Programs in the game with the opportunity to grind out regular rewards and a wide array of stuff that you can buy with your Frequent Player Points. Ok so you may not be 22-tabling your way towards SuperNova Elite and a Porsche Cayman S just yet, but you can still hook yourself up with some great stuff like cash, poker tournament entries, gift cards, merchandise and much more. Plus each month you can play in an exclusive PokerNetwork freeroll with cash and tournament entries on the line, just to give you that month-to-month bankroll boost.

Visit PokerNetwork Regularly

Between high stakes air hockey and finding new ways to violate the terms of our office lease, the PokerNetwork guys are hard at work hunting out online poker freerolls, promotions and bonuses for our players. LandoCalrisian puts together a weekly article called ‘Freerollin PokerNetwork style’ that keeps you abreast of all the PokerNetwork freerolls every week. If cash games are more your thing, check out this article on the softest games online.

While you may not be ready to make your own shampoo, or steal your neighbours water just yet – you can certainly get your poker game in +ev shape simply by taking advantage of some our great PokerNetwork promotions and following the site regularly throughout 2011 to make sure you don’t miss any easy money making opportunities.

Ed’s Note: Taking any life advice from Duff85 is likely to be –ev. We do not actually recommend that you attempt any of the non-poker related suggestions in this story.

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Bring in the New Year in style with our "Bankroll Boosters" Bring in the New Year in style with our "Bankroll Boosters"

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