Evan "kevinnok" Psarras Brings WCOOP Bling Down Under!

Posted at 23:22 2010-09-15

An Australian player has tasted success at the 2010 World Championship of Online Poker, with Evan "kevinnok" Psarras taking down the WCOOP bracelet and a whole lot of cash to go with it.

The 22nd event at this year’s championship on PokerStars wrapped up yesterday, with kevinnok coming home the victor after a three-way deal.

Day 1 of the event would see 5,799 players dish out the $530 buy-in with hopes of taking out the gold. By the time the field was down to 765 players the remaining players would be in the money with a nice $100,000 overlay and continued hopes to make it to day 2. After 22 levels of play there were 209 players who would come back the next day, one of them Australia’s very own kevinnok.

Kevinnok would weave his way through a second day field which would include Team PokerStars Online Pro Diego “vgreen22” Brunelli and Team PokerStars Pro’s Veronica “Princesa” Dabul and the one and only Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu.

After roughly ten hours of play kevinnok would make it to the final table as the short stack but managed to hang in there, as fellow Australian Mishel "MISHELA" Anunu was eliminated in ninth place for a collect of $24,000.

The play slowed for several rounds and into the first break before kevinnok himself would get involved in a big hand. A limped pot and a flop of {7h}{2s}{8c} would see a standard bet and a call. After the {5s} fell on the turn kevinnok put a bet in large enough to put the player all-in. The player made the call and showed {8s}{4c} for a pair of eights, while kevinnok showed {9c}{7s} for a worse pair of sevens. A {9h} on the river to make his two pair would save kevinnok a big dint in his stack and see his opponent go home in 7th place.

After a few more hours play, kevinnok would still be alive with three players remaining. A deal was discussed and eventually agreed upon. An extra $60,000 would be reserved for the winner, while the chip counts and deal payouts would look like this:

PeoplsChamp1: (27,536,627 in chips) takes home $372,761.03
AlwaysFelted: (23,155,215 in chips) takes home $352,830.47
Kevinnok: (7,298,158 in chips) takes home $280,698.50

The deal left kevinnok with substantially less prize money to go along with his substantially smaller chip stack. But with $60,000, a bracelet and WCOOP glory going to only one player, play would be fierce.

Just hands after the deal was made, kevinnok managed to double-up and would survive to see AlwaysFelted go home in 3rd place.

During heads up play kevinnok chipped up over several hands and would eventually find himself with a significant chip lead over PeoplsChamp1.

The last hand of the night would see all the chips go in on a flop of {4s}{qh}{8s}. PeoplesChamp1 showed {ks}{5s} with a king-high flush draw versus Kevinnok’s {as}{ts} for the nut-flush draw. A {td} on the turn and a {3d} on the river would see kevinnok take down the pot with a pair of tens to claim the title.

The win would see Psarras go home with a total prize of $340,699, making it the largest online score ever for an Australian poker player!

2010 WCOOP Event 22 Final Results:
1st place: kevinnok ($340,698.50)*
2nd place: PeoplsChamp1 ($372,761.03)*
3rd place: AlwaysFelted ($352,830.47)*
4th place: skylarsash ($169,500.00)
5th place: O-Totoro ($127,500.00)
6th place: kendog39 ($97,500.00)
7th place: totya0611 ($67,500.00)
8th place: 7cardspoker ($37,500.00)
9th place: MISHELA ($24,000.00)

*Denotes a three-way chop agreement

The World Championship of Online Poker in now running at PokerStars until the 27th of September. With plenty of satellites and opportunities to make history, download PokerStars for your chance to join Evan "kevinnok" Psarras as a 2010 WCOOP champion!

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Aussies continue to dominate as the PokerStars WCOOP rolls on! Aussies continue to dominate as the PokerStars WCOOP rolls on!

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