On the Box: 2010 Aussie Millions Episode 3

Posted at 14:27 2010-11-20

The 2010 Aussie Millions Poker Championship television coverage is underway and PokerNetwork will be front and centre to bring you all the action from start to finish. So, whether you want to relive all the highlights, or need to catch up after missing an episode, be sure to watch out for our recap every week!

With only 13 players remaining in the 2010 Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge, this week's episode was a more sedate affair and all the action seemed to have been on the outer table as opposed to what we witnessed on the feature table. That's not to say that there weren't any highlights, with Australians Tony G and Billy Jordanou getting involved in a few hands, while Welsh high stakes specialist Roberto Romanello mixed up his game and staked his claim for the final table.

Meanwhile on the outer tables, Aussie online young gun Jonathan xMONSTERxDONGx Karamalikis broke through with a couple of big scalps, as well as American pro Barry Greenstein, who shook off the 'Robin Hood of Poker' moniker to eliminate another two players.  Masa Kagawa then copped a brutal beat from Team Full Tilt Pro Phil Ivey to bow out as the final table bubble. Yes, that may be the whole episode wrapped up in a nutshell, but we're not going to stop there – time to recap all the action!

Roberto Romanello (Wales) – 225,000
Billy Jordanou (Australia) – 125,000
Andrew Feldman (UK) – 7,000
Phil Ivey (USA) – 90,000
Tony G (Australia) – 165,000
Howard Lederer (USA) – 188,000
Masa Kagawa (Japan) – 155,000

*Note: the chip counts listed from each player are from the start of the episode

We pick up the action with 13 players left in the 2010 Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge – just in case you've missed the last two episodes, this unique high-stakes tournament features a start bank of 100,000 chips and the betting is pot-limit before the flop and no-limit after the flop. Each player has only 30 seconds to act upon their hand and should they require some extra time, they can use one of their two time extension buttons for an extra 30 seconds.

THE BIG STORY: Aussie Aussie Aussie!
Aussie poker magnate Tony G and Melbourne's own Billy Jordanou were the two big movers on the feature table and the crowd were right behind them, particularly Tony G, who ordered a round of drinks for all the spectators in the gallery! There must have been some good karma as a result, because Tony G managed to take a fair chunk of change off Howard Lederer late in the episode. In the ninth hand, Tony G raised to 25,000 from the button with {6s}{6d} an Lederer called with {Qd}{Tc} from the big blind before both players checked the flop of {9h}{9s}{Jh}.

Tony G then made his full house when the dealer produced the turn of the {6h}; Lederer opened for 30,000 but Tony G min-raised to 60,000 in order to get Lederer to commit the rest of his chips. “The Professor” was having none of it and elected to fold.

A short time later, Tony G raised to 23,000 from the cutoff with {As}{8d}, forcing Masa Kagawa out of the way from the button before Lederer called from the small blind with {Kd}{Th}. The dealer spread a flop of {Qs}{4s}{Ts}, which both players checked, before Lederer fired out 35,000 on the turn of the {7h}.

Tony G went into the tank, throwing in a time extension button before calling. Lederer then opened for 60,000 on the river of the {2s}, but knowing he had made the nut flush, Tony G quickly moved the rest of his chips into the middle, thinking he could get Lederer to commit. No dice, but it was enough to damage the Team Full Tilt Pro's stack severely.

Meanwhile, Billy Jordanou was on the right end of an all-in-call preflop situation against Welshman Roberto Romanello. Although Romanello had managed to pick up a few pots with some aggressive position play, he came undone when he got his money into the middle with {8d}{8c}, only to be outdrawn by Jordanou's A-J when he managed to spike the ace on the turn, much to the delight of the crowd in Studio 3!

As much as we hate to say it, unfortunately this episode was a rather dull one, but only because all the action was happening on the outer table. Former Aussie junior Scrabble champ-turned-poker pro David Eldar got his money in with K-Q, but his letters were no good against Dani Stern's pocket eights which flopped a set. Stern did depart later in the episode at the hands of Barry Greenstein, who also took out Erick Lingdren, cracking Lindgren's pocket aces with his pocket sixes after flopping a set.

However the biggest pot of the tournament went to Aussie online pro Jonathan Karamalikis when Gus Hansen ran his A-9 into Karamalikis' A-Q, shortly before the final table bubble was decided.  However it was a rather nasty beat for Japan's Masa Kagawa, who managed to get it in good with {Ac}{Ks} from the small blind after a preflop raise by Phil Ivey with {Ad}{9s}, but incredibly, Ivey spiked two pair on the board of {9d}{3d}{2h}{3c}{6d} to send him to the rail, confirming the last eight players for the 2010 Aussie Millions $100,000 final table!

Final Table Seating Allocation & Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Bill Jordanou (Australia) – 195,000
Seat 2: Phil Ivey (USA) – 328,000
Seat 3: Tony Bloom (UK) – 227,000
Seat 4: Jonathan Karamalikis (Australia) – 508,000
Seat 5: Howard Lederer (USA) – 141,000
Seat 6: Dan Shak (USA) – 453,000
Seat 7: Tony G (Australia) – 200,000
Seat 8: Barry Greenstein (USA) – 388,000

Who will be our new champion? If you already know, please, don't give it away – but if you don't, be sure to tune into ESPN next week to find out!


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The final table of the 2010 Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge will be broadcast on ESPN on Tuesday, November 23, returning to its regular timeslot of 9.30pm AEDST. Don’t forget that satellites to the 2011 Aussie Millions are running right now – download Full Tilt Poker and win your seat today!

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The 2010 Aussie Millions coverage continues on ESPN The 2010 Aussie Millions coverage continues on ESPN

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