WSOP Main Event Day 4 - Dunst Out In Front!

Posted at 07:42 2010-07-15

After four grueling days of play, accumulating in 33 hours on the felt, 574 players remained in contention for the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event. It took almost four full days to burst the bubble, but finally 747 players had more than earned their cash. Once the bubble burst, the numbers dropped off thick and fast, leaving 574 players to bag and tag at the end of the Day 4.

Of those remaining, there are still some Aussies, intent on making deep runs. Top of the list, and in fact, leading the entire field is adopted Aussie, Tony “Bond18” Dunst. It was a big day on the felt for Dunst, as he landed two big pots in consecutive hands a few hours before the bubble, propelling him to over the one million mark. The 1.2 million chip pot that got him there saw the action folded around to Dunst in the small blind, to which he made it 13,500 with {Kx}{Tx}. Isaac Krantz made the call in the big blind, and the flop came {Td}{6d}{2s}. Dunst bet out 18,000, to which Krantz raised to 41,000 and Dunst made the call. The turn was the {3c} and Dunst check-called a 100,000 bet. The river was the {Kc} and Krantz moved all in covering Dunst, who made the call with top two pair, good enough to rake the massive pot his way. Dunst is always one to stand out on the felt with his wardrobe of suites looking the part of James Bond, will start Day 5 with rival chip leader Matt Affleck to his right.

Roy Vandersluis ended with 366,000, while Matthew Pearson bagged up a respectable 320,000 at the end of the night. Full Tilt Red Pro, Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis is also still amongst the field, surviving a day of ups and downs, but ultimately finishing with 274,000.

There is always much hype around the ‘last women standing’ in the WSOP, with Maria Ho, Tiffany Michelle and Leo Margets claiming this title in recent years. Melbourne’s own Jackie Glazier survived the bubble and the day, to be among the last ten women in the field. Glazier is only looking to win one thing and that is the Main Event title, nothing less will satisfy.

After taking down some pots, applying some three-bet over-the-top pressure, Glazier chipped up to 160,000. Moments after being knocked down after losing a flip with pocket sixes against {Kx}{Qx}, Glazier proved that she was not going to be bullied on the very last hand of the day. In answer to a cutoff open to 16,000, Glazier pushed her remaining stack which was just over 100,000 into the middle. Her opponent eventually folded, flashing the {As} to which Glazier revealed the {9d}{8h} for the big move. Glazier will also start off on Tony Dunst and Matt Affleck’s heavily stacked table on Day 5, taking in a 134,000 stack to fight another day.

One of the big Aussie fighters who didn’t make it through the final stages of the night was 888poker ambassador Jeff Fenech, who was battling with the short stack for much of the day, ultimately knocked out 584th place to take home $24,079.

The second-last Team APL member, Phil Faux, busted on the last hand of the night finishing 577th. The final APL representative is Nick Filippopoulos who takes 95,000 into Day 5. Tyron Krost finished in 726th place for $19,263 while Mel Judah also cashed for $21,327 after his elimination in 672nd place.

The WPT Bellagio is also well underway and the Aussies are putting in impressive runs there also with PokerNetwork’s own, John Caridad leading the way sitting fourth in chips with 838,000. Jeff Lisandro finished up the day 18th in chips with 344,000 and Joe Hachem 21st with 260,000, all still well within reach with only 31 players remaining.



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Tony Dunst leads the way at the 2010 WSOP Main Event! Tony Dunst leads the way at the 2010 WSOP Main Event!

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