Aussies Online: Brendoor Dominates July

Posted at 10:42 2010-08-04

July is a time when many online players take a well-earned break from the online grind. What do they do when they take their holidays? Go to Vegas and play more poker of course. Throughout the month, poker players of all types, ages, sizes and ability descended upon Sin City for the annual pilgrimage to the Poker Mecca.

Of course well over a month of mind-numbingly slow poker (spare a thought for the bloggers here) is not everyone’s idea of heaven. A few chose to skip the trip to the World Series of Poker and focus on building their bank online throughout the month, and in a lot of cases they reaped the rewards.

Brendon”brendoor” Rubie’s stunning run continued during July. After taking down the Melbourne Poker Championships, he proved he can play the online variant just as well. Possibly the polar opposite of the live event that he won, Rubie took second in Full Tilt Poker’s 1k Rush Monday for $57,931. Add in two other five figures score during that week - $13,940 for winning an $11 rebuy on PokerStars and $13,181 for taking down the $50,000 Turbo Guaranteed – and you’re looking at a rather healthy month for the Wollongong based tournament pro. In total Rubie was the only Aussie to go over the $100,000 online during July. He earned $129,746 and will be hoping his good run stretches deep into the second half of the year.

It would be a good month for some other Aussies online as well. South Australian State of Origin representative Stewart “juzlearnin” Scott got back to his online grinder roots with a vengeance. Playing some big volume, Scott cashed in to the tune of $78,377 in the month. This was a massive haul and showed great consistency when you consider that his biggest score for the month was just $7,395 in the PokerStars $35,000 Guaranteed Double Chance.

Tom “Tollgate” Grigg was charging the online fish an especially high rate during July. He grabbed himself $75,482 in earnings including a final table in the PokerStars Sunday Warm Up. That fourth place finish got him $45,965.

Michael “M_Hawk_1” Hawkins also got in on the action pocketing $69,977 from online tournaments during the month. Rush Poker Week suited M_Hawk_1 down to the ground. He obviously enjoyed the Rush Poker style taking out fourth place in the Sunday Brawl for $31,124, while also winning a $40,000 Guaranteed Rush Poker Tournament for $12,535 in the same week. He’ll be looking forward to the Rush Poker style FTOPS events.

One of the few top online players who doesn’t regularly appear on the live circuit is Steve “StevoL” Leonard, who unsurprisingly played regularly online during July. He cleaned up too. Leonard added $67,044 to his career earnings, with a fifth place finish in the Full Tilt Poker $750,000 Guaranteed as his high score for the month. That result earned him $31,050.

Brendon Rubie’s tear has him at the top of the Australian rankings. Rubie at 99th is one of just two Australians ranked in the world top 100. The other is Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis who is 97th in the world, but second to Rubie in the Australian rankings. Former number one Steve “StevoL” Leonard is at his highest position in the Australian rankings in a long time in third place. “Bazooka87” and Michael “M_Hawk_1” Hawkins round out the top five.

With the Full Tilt FTOPS series kicking off today and the Ultimate Bet UBOC running in late August, we hope to see some big scores from the Aussie brigade in the month ahead.

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Brendoor continues to lead the Australian Online Poker rankings Brendoor continues to lead the Australian Online Poker rankings

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