The Friday Flutter: Getting Back On Track

Posted at 19:46 2010-12-10

Friday Night is a great night for betting. Then again so is Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and any other day that ends with Y. Ingenious we know, but that’s not why they pay us the big bucks. We’re getting paid to get you some winners, so obviously we’ll be looking to improve on the 1-2 that we found ourselves in last week. We’re feeling pretty good about what we have on the card this week.


NBL – Friday Night: Cairns vs. Wollongong

The Australian Basketball has been a nice little earner for us so far this year. Let’s face it who is watching the powerhouse players who didn’t make the Korean Basketball foreign draft and teams from such cities of world significance such as Cairns and Wollongong... certainly not the books, they have bigger fish to fry than a market that they are taking a few grand on. That’s why its such a great sport to play on, even if the limits on it are small.

Add in the bonus of Steve Carfino leading the One HD commentary team and a couple of coldies and Friday Night has been a good way to start the weekend for the Friday Flutter team. We go back to our favourite out with the total on the low side between Wollongong and Cairns tonight. We have the total going over the 159.5 that Bet365 are hanging so we’ll hit that for our first play of the weekend.


NHL – Saturday Morning: New Jersey at Ottawa

Last season was a good year for us on the NHL. But the “coolest game on earth” has lived up to its reputation for us lately unfortunately. Empty netters, boneheaded penalties and the scummiest of all mishandled deflections have all contributed to putting us in the red so far for the year. We’ll look to get back on track with a handy little ice dog.

The New Jersey Devils have faced a tough schedule of late with back to back matches against the Pens and Flyers, they now hit the road for the game against a Sens team who have dropped a couple on the trot as well. Ottawa has been friendly confines for the Devils who have won four of the last five meetings at the Arena, and they also welcome back first choice Goaltender Martin Brodeur back into the line-up. We expect a big performance from the net-minder and from the New Jersey Devils who will win on the road as an underdog at a pretty $2.30 from either Bwin or Ladbrokes.  


NFL – Monday Morning: Atlanta at Carolina

Here comes a pick straight out of the “what were you smoking box”. We love our NFL home dogs and but this one may be too far. Still we're all about either being the hero or the zero, so lets throw it out there. Carolina play host to Atlanta on Monday Morning and we think we’ve sniffed out some value. We like the Carolina Panthers to win straight up and put a bump in the Atlanta Falcons Superbowl road. This one has some interesting line movement and we expect that you’ll probably be able to get the best Panthers price right at kickoff as the public continues to buy up the Falcons as favourites.

At the moment the best of our partners is Bwin with Carolina at $3.75, we would not be surprised if there is a number better than 3-1 at kickoff.

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Bet365 has plenty of value for punters this weekend. Bet365 has plenty of value for punters this weekend.

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