On The Box: 2010 Aussie Millions (Episodes 8 & 9)

Posted at 12:17 2011-01-11

The broadcast of the 2010 Aussie Millions Poker Championship is in its final stages, with the last episode to be screened later this week. We continue our On the Box wrap with episodes eight and nine, with the concluding stages of the Main Event. Eighteen players remain, but only one will reign!


Tyron Krost (Australia)
Annette Obrestad (Norway)
Frederik Jensen (Denmark)
Steve Shelley (United Kingdom)
Steven Friedlander (USA)
Steve Topakas (Australia)
Sorel Mizzi (Canada)
Peter Jetten (Canada)
Kosta Varoxis (Australia)


The start of Episode 8 saw just four players at the feature table – Tyron Krost, Annette Obrestad, Frederik Jensen and Steven Shelley, but they were soon joined by Steven Friedlander and Steven “The Big Show” Topakas. Jensen controlled much of the early action and Shelley showed that despite being the amatuer in the field, he wasn't going to be pushed around, taking a healthy pot off Friedlander before Topakas made his last stand.

In the fourth hand of the episode, Jensen popped it up to 40,000 from under the gun with {ac}{8c} before Topakas called all-in with {kd}{8d}. Obrestad then reraised to 215,000 with {th}{td} from the small blind, forcing Krost to fold his {as}{qd} from the big blind. Jensen also mucked his hand before the dealer spread the board of {3h}{9s}{2c}{5c}{Ah}, sending Topakas to the rail in 12th place to pick up $100,000 from the cage.

Obrestad and Shelley picked up a couple of small pots before Krost turned up the heat against Obrestad, first managing to take a pot off Obrestad before doubling through Shelley in dramatic fashion in the eight hand of the episode. Krost raised from the cutoff to 50,000 with {Js}{Jd} and Jensen called with {9s}{9h} from the button before Shelley made it 120,000 to go from the small blind with {As}{Ah}.

Krost came back over the top with a raise of 375,000 total, Shelley shipped the rest of his stack into the middle and Krost called, but Shelley was dumbstruck after the flop of {Qs}{Th}{Jh} was revealed. Needing any ace or king, the turn and river ran out {7c}, {6d}, leaving Shelley with just over 800,000 while Krost moved up to almost two million in chips.

In the final hand of the episode, Shelley raised from the button to 43,000 with {Ad}{6h}, only to quickly get out of the way after Friedlander quickly reraised all-in with {Ah}{Qh} from the small blind before Obrestad four-bet-shoved with {Js}{Jd} from the big blind. Incredibly, Friedlander was able to double up after turning a flush on the board of {2d}{5h}{7h}{8h}{3s} before it was announced that a player on the other table had been eliminated in ninth place.

With the final table confirmed, it was time to fast forward the Foxtel IQ and watch the ninth episode!

Final Table Seating Allocation & Chip Counts

Seat 1: Sorel Mizzi (Canada) 6,033,000
Seat 2: Stephen Shelley (United Kingdom) 991,000
Seat 3: Annette Obrestad (Norway) 1,349,000
Seat 4: Tyron Krost (Australia) 1,869,000
Seat 5: Frederik Jensen (Denmark) 1,754,000

Seat 6: Kosta Varoxis (Australia) 635,000
Seat 7: Peter Jetten (Canada) 1,700,000

Seat 8: Steven Friedlander (USA) 694,000

With Mizzi holding such a monstrous chip lead, the other seven players would have to pick their spots carefully against him and make sure that they got their money in good against him to double up. Varoxis was quick to do just that, moving up to more than 1.3 million in chips in the first hand of Episode 9.

Mizzi raised from middle position to 50,000 holding {Ac}{Jc} and the action folded around to Varoxis who flat-called from the big blind with {9h}{9c}. The flop came down {9s}{As}{2s}; Varoxis led out for 110,000, Mizzi raised to 238,000, Varoxis snap-shoved, Mizzi called and Varoxis doubled through after the turn and river blanked out {7h}, {4s}.

Mizzi's aggression got the better of him a short time later, donating a pot worth more than 1.2 million to Jensen before Shelley bowed out in eighth place. Krost raised from UTG+1 to 75,000 with {Js}{Jc} and the action passed around to Shelley who reraised to 200,000 from the big blind with {7s}{7c}.

On the flop of {5d}{3d}{8c}, Krost check-raised all-in after Shelley bet out for 325,000. Krost insta-called and for the second time in as many days, Krost's jacks were good as he improved to a better two pair when the {8d} fell on the turn before the river {2h} completed the board. Shelley collected $125,000 for his efforts – a great effort from the amateur, though he did sound rather Australian for someone that hails from the UK.

In the very next hand, Obrestad open-shoved her last 615,000 into the middle with {Ac}{Jh}, only to run into Krost's {7h}{7c}. Despite hitting a Broadway draw on the flop of {7s}{Qc}{Ks}, neither the turn of the {5d} or the river {Kh} helped annette_15, who picked up $175,000 for her seventh place finish.

Then, with only minutes to go in the penultimate episode of the 2010 series, a huge hand unfolded which resulted in the elimination of Friedlander in sixth place. Having lost a 1.25 million-chip pot to Jetten the hand before, he found himself moving all-in from the button with {7s}{7c} after a UTG raise by Jensen with {6h}{6d}, as well as two other players in the form of Varoxis, who called with {Ah}{Ks} and Jetten who came in holding {3h}{3d}.

Jensen, who was the initial raiser, folded his hand, but Varoxis was quick to reraise all-in, putting Friedlander all-in and forcing Jetten out of the way. Much to the gallery's delight, Varoxis improved to trips on the board of {9d}{Kd}{2h}{Kh}{Js} and Jensen took his leave to collect his $250,000 payday.

And with that, we have just one more episode to go! Who will be crowned the 2010 Aussie Millions champion? Tune in to ESPN this week for the exciting conclusion and don't forget to keep an eye out for exclusive live coverage from our friends at PokerNews when the 2011 Aussie Millions Poker Championship gets underway on Thursday, January 13!

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The 2010 Aussie Millions coverage is reaching an exciting conclusion as we hit the final table! The 2010 Aussie Millions coverage is reaching an exciting conclusion as we hit the final table!

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